4 Scrap Items You Can Eliminate In Exchange For Cash

More and more scrap metal yards are coming up due to the rising demand for this precious commodity. However, many people don't understand the value of scrap metal, and only a few have ventured into this field. So if you haven't explored the scrap metal business, it's time to do it. Collect all the unused metal in your home and take it to a scrapyard near you. The sale of scrap metal can fetch you a surprisingly large income. This article looks at various metals known for their great worth.

Stainless Steel

Rustless steel or stainless steel is perhaps the easiest metal that every homeowner may have around their home. Even though this metal may not be as valuable compared to other scrap metals, selling a large quantity is rewarding. Some items made out of rustless steel include refrigerators, cars as well as microwaves. 

So if you have a refrigerator or an old or damaged vehicle that no longer works, you can take it to a metal recycling yard instead of keeping it in your garage or basement. An important point to remember is to clean your rustless steel thoroughly prior to taking it to the scrapyard to maximize profits.


Aluminum is also readily available, and its value is not too far above that of stainless steel. However, its demand is a bit high due to its lightweight. The weight of aluminum gives it many applications. It is used to make items such as soda cans, roof gutters, car parts, and window frames. So if you have a collection of any of these items, you should gather and take them to a scrapyard near you.

Platinum Jewelry

Unlike stainless steel and aluminum, platinum is not easy to find and most of it has to be mined. Unlike other metals, platinum doesn't tarnish or easily oxidate. Therefore, most scrap metal buyers will pay well for this valuable metal. You can find platinum in jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets as well as rings. So if you have any of these items you no longer use in your home, take them to the scrap yard for a valuation. 


Copper another valuable metal that can earn you a good amount of cash due to its high demand. It is mainly found in electric wires, kitchen sinks as well as plumbing pipes. Therefore, when remodeling your home, you should not throw away the metallic parts. Instead, sell them to a scrap metal dealer.

If you have any of these junk metals lying in your home, it is time you did something about them. Taking them to a scrap yard—such as American Scrap Metal Services—can earn you money, save the environment and provide additional space in your backyard.

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