Why Install Overhead Radiant Tube Heaters In Your Factory?

Heating industrial spaces isn't always easy. You need to create a comfortable working environment in a space that is often naturally large and cold. If you don't find the right solution, then your internal temperatures might fluctuate from place to place. Or, you might end up heating all your space at once, increasing your utility costs.

If you want to review your factory's current heating set-up to increase its efficiency, then it's worth looking at overhead radiant tube heaters. These heaters sit above your workers and factory floor at key points in the building. What are the advantages of using this kind of heating in a commercial space?

Create Effective Zonal Heating

Radiant tube heaters give you more control over the heating in your space. You decide where the tubes go. So, you can build a system that focuses on areas that need additional heat, such as workspaces. You can also move heating out of places where it isn't needed, such as storage areas that aren't regularly used.

Additionally, you can control the amount of heat you create in each area. For example, you can use a tube that creates a higher heating temperature in an office space where people work all day. Areas that don't need constant heat because they have less regular traffic, such as restrooms, could be kept at a lower temperature.

Create Better Air Quality

Some heating systems, like ducted heaters, use forced air to warm a space. This kind of system may keep your people warm; however, it may not keep them healthy.

The warm air that comes out of ducts can contain dust and other contaminants. Your internal air quality might not be that great. It might pose particular problems for any of your employees who have allergies or asthma.

Radiant heat is a healthier option. It doesn't move air and dust around in the same way; it radiates heat out. So, the air in your factory should be cleaner and more natural.

Create a Cheaper Heating System

Heating a factory can be expensive. A lot of your costs can be wasted if not done properly. For example, if you have to pump hot air all over the building just to make sure that key areas are warm enough, then you use and waste more energy than you strictly need.

If you install radiant tube heaters, then you benefit from targeted heat. Plus, these heaters warm up more quickly than other systems so you may not have to use them as much to create the right ambient temperature.

To find out more, contact a commercial heating contractor, such as Mercury Tec.

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