Common Misconceptions About Aluminum Truck Bodies

Aluminum service bodies for trucks are valuable implements. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about them. Here is a look at a few of the most common. 

Misconception: These truck bodies wear out quickly. 

Aluminum truck bodies are highly resilient and durable. They tend to last a lot of years after installation, and it is not even unheard of for a truck body to outlast the life of the vehicle. Some manufacturers actually offer a warranty with their products, which shows how reliable the truck bodies can be. Finding a truck service body with this kind of warranty offers a great deal of peace of mind, but the majority of truck service bodies will last quite a while with proper care. 

Misconception: Aluminum truck bodies are hard on fuel efficiency. 

Aluminum truck service bodies are actually the lightest-weight models available. Adding an extra element to your vehicle will naturally decrease fuel efficiency because it adds to the weight of the vehicle. However, the lightweight aluminum should not make a massive or drastic difference in how much fuel you use because it is not going to add a lot of heft to the vehicle. Most people who add an aluminum service body are more than pleased with the effect on fuel efficiency overall. 

Misconception: Truck service bodies made of aluminum are the most expensive. 

The price ranges for truck service bodies can vary pretty drastically from one style or model to the next, and the overall design will have the greatest impact on price. For example, if you have a service body custom-built that has a lot of additional storage or integrated LED lighting, you will likely pay more for the build. Aluminum bodies are no more expensive than any other type of service body. 

Misconception: These service bodies are no good for heavy-duty use. 

Maybe you have a construction business, or perhaps you carry a lot of heavy tools on your truck. In either case, an aluminum service body can cater well to your needs. Even though the aluminum is lightweight, it is nowhere near weak or not fitting for heavy-duty use. The service body will hold up well in even heavy-duty circumstances. 

Overall, truck service bodies can evolve how a truck can be used for your business or everyday plans. Contact a service body manufacturer to find out more about the type of service body that would work best for your truck. 

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